Startup Name: EDNORO Ltd

Category: Transport & Automotive

Stage: Post Seed

Country: Bulgaria

Startup Website: http://ednoro.com

About: EDNORO is a new automobile brand for complete development and a small series production in Bulgaria of all-electric hypercars, with racing capabilities and intriguing futuristic sporty and racing design, with instant WOW! effect. Energy efficient and with built-in innovative robotic systems and elements of artificial intelligence. Power: 1072, 2144, 3216, 4290 and 5362 hp, depending on the model. The electric hypercars that we invented are with unrivaled characteristics, but we are not just creating the coolest electric hypercars, we are creating the future, by offering technologies from then here and now! The electric hypercars EDNORO are an entirely own in-house development of EDNORO Ltd. The main innovations of the brand are protected under the form of corporate know-how to ensure an undeniable market advantage in the short and long term, and some of the key technologies are also patented by EDNORO Ltd. The first models of the electric hypercars EDNORO are the type of track day cars (cars designed to be used on a track) and, subsequently, their versions of street-legal cars (cars approved for use on public roads) will be presented. EDNORO Ltd. was established on the 25th November 2015 by Ahmed Merchev, who, in addition to founder, CEO and CTO of EDNORO Ltd., is also ideologist, inventor and chief developer of EDNORO.