Startup Name: hopwave

Category: Travel

Stage: Pre seed

Country: Greece

Startup Website: hopwave.com

About: hopwave is an online booking platform that allows individual travelers and travel agents to book itinerary tickets for small excursion, transportations and activity boats. Booking and scheduling of island hopping trips and flexible transportation between islands are now possible even in big island complexes. hopwave addresses both the tour operators (Travel Agents, OTAs, Affiliates, Tour Operators, Hotels, Resorts) market for indirect sales and the individual travelers for direct ticket sales. Specifically, we start by addressing Greek tour operator companies that organize trips, holiday packages and excursions in Greek Islands to help us approach foreign travelers. As individual travelers, we refer to travelers that book their own tickets for specific destinations and want to see more places around the islands they visit, as well as those that plan their whole traveling experience beforehand. In addition, boat owners can now receive online bookings of their tickets, track their sales and know their upcoming bookings through their user-friendly dashboard. By creating a network of all these boats, trips and destinations, hopwave makes island hopping easy and fun on any island complex.