Startup Name: Consentio Ltd.

Category: Analytics & Big Data

Stage: Pre seed

Country: Bulgaria

Startup Website:

About: Our business is to ensure an effective communication between citizens and business by offering tangible benefits to all parties. To business we sell access to (depersonified) data and analytics. The tool provides any registered (facebook connect) citizen to express an opinion on any service, brand, organisation or topic and immediately see the overall sentiment of all those who also expressed their opinion on the subject. A new form of mass communication A world in which each one of us knows that expressing an opinion on a product, service, employee or organisation and being heard & understood by the top decision makers is just a click/finger swipe away. A world where you, as a business owner, can literally “see the weather” of sentiment towards your organization and product and exactly what type of people are behind it at any point in time. We are to CRM & market research what social media is to old media. A "Google analytics" type of real-time insight for your customer's feelings towards your organisation and product. We are developing a new form of mass communication. A mass communication where the voice of the masses is translated into comprehensible insight. Our universal feedback interface allows for each person to express their opinion and sentiment on any subject, at any time, from any location, and do so not with words, but in numbers. We take proven techniques from market research and focus groups and opening them up for all through gamification. 10 000 people voting on your product in the same second - we analyse & visualise what they say & what type of people they are in under a second. Why is it, that in the always on, always connected world of today, many companies still rely on paper questionnaires to find out more about their customers? Or even worse - "online questionnaires" - the approach in which you take something that yesterday was on paper and literally type it up on the computer screen? How about measuring sentiment changes over time? How about seeing the dynamic big picture, instead of just a snapshot? How about seeing it all the time and then being able to “zoom in” on the data like never before? We are working to fulfill this promise. So far our core team is comprised of coders with experience in collecting and handling big data, PR & political science professionals, people with vast experience in media (mainly TV) and game designers. From day one we work together with the top local market research and sociology research agency. This is how we ensure a functional connect with the existing market research practices and methodologies of today. The market is ready Perhaps most important from all is the fact that we have found our go-to-market clients in the largest media group active in Bulgaria (part of a global media powerhouse), who are to implement our tool in many of their TV programs. Management Team Andrey Anev has over 10 years experience in management of IT projects, development of complex proprietary data analytics and marketing insights extraction software; Radoslav Raykov has over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur, public relations, marketing, management consulting and online journalism; Anton Tumbev, MBA with over 10 years of experience in b2b sales and international relations;