Teraloop Ltd

Startup Name: Teraloop Ltd

Category: Cleantech

Stage: Post Seed

Country: Finland

Startup Website: www.teraloop.com

About: Teraloop Ltd, based in Helsinki, Finland, develops breakthrough technology for large-scale kinetic energy storage used in grid and utility applications. Founded in 2014, Teraloop’s patent-pending core technology has been applied to a kinetic energy storage system, which builds on existing proven and deployed technologies. The result is an innovatively configured system for grid-scale storage with a minimized visual and environmental footprint. Currently, the company is implementing a grid-connected industrial prototype in partnership with a consortium of Nordic technical co-contractors as a step towards building a commercial pilot system in 2018. Future commercial systems will range from the Teraloop10 (10 MW / 10 MWh) to the Teraloop100 (100 MW / 100 MWh).