SignAll Technologies

Startup Name: SignAll Technologies Ltd

Category: Other / our tech for impact venture is the first to develop a sign-to-text technology, to translate sign language into text automatically, The Google translate for sign languages.

Stage: Post Seed

Country: Hungary

Startup Website:

About: SignAll will be the first unmanned communication facilitator between deaf and hearing people and also among deaf people signing different languages. The turnkey product will offer bidirectional translation in which an avatar will sign the speech to the Deaf person. Currently as a prototype, SignAll is a software that needs a simple, easily available hardware setup, which uses simple cameras and a 3D camera like the Kinect. We believe our cutting edge technology is the best possible, most accessible solution for the communication needs of deaf people. SignAll will be able to be used as a video interpreter, both on-site and remotely. Not replacing the human interpreter, but enlarging the client base, it will offer cheap, online, simple translation - such as Google Translate for spoken languages.