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Category: Digital Commerce

Stage: Pre seed

Country: Lebanon

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About: Plottr provides Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing enabled widgets you can add to your e-commerce or content driven product post development to provide a variety of curation solutions based on hype, context, user interest and location. As well as automated emails both periodical newsletters and triggered by user special interest and actions. Both features dramatically enhance user engagement allowing our clients to completely automate their online product without increasing their manpower. The platform acts as a fully automated engine that provides typical analytics, as well as actionable insights both product centric and user centric. Plottr's NLP is available for a range of languages and creates its own evolving datasets for each language. Plottr's installation requires no more than 5 minutes. is highly flexible to suit each clients corpus of data. Plottr is available for a monthly subscription, and we're currently providing free trials (1 to 2 months) while we fine-tune and finalize the platform.